Faisalabad, a City known for Its Industrial Strength is now gearing up to establish A World-Class Ecosystem to Nurture Information Technology (IT) and Electronics Companies and Professionals. The Sitara Techno Park aims to create an Environment that offers Quality Infrastructure, Knowledge/Skill Development, Growth Opportunities and Lifestyle Facilities. By doing so, it aims to align with the Electronics & Information Technology Goals of the Government and Position Faisalabad as a Hub of Technological Innovation.

Quality Infrastructure:

The Sitara Techno Park will boast State-of-The-Art Infrastructure purpose Built Facilities, and Modern Workspaces. The Park will provide High-Speed Internet Connectivity, Reliable Power Supply and Advanced IT Infrastructure to cater to the needs of IT and Electronics Companies. Specialized Laboratories, Research Centers and Testing Facilities will be established to Support Cutting-Edge Research and Development Activities.

Knowledge/Skill Development:

To nurture Talent and Foster a Culture of continuous learning The Sitara Techno Park will offer Comprehensive Knowledge and Skill Development Programs. Collaborations with Universities, Technical Institutes and Industry Experts will ensure the Availability of Industry-Relevant Education and Training. Workshops, Seminars and Mentoring Programs will enable Professionals to stay Updated with the Latest Trends and Technologies, Empowering them to excel in their respective Domains.

Growth Opportunities:

The Sitara Techno Park will provide a Vibrant Ecosystem that encourages Collaboration, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Startups and Technology Companies will have Access to Funding Opportunities, Business Incubators and Venture Capital Networks. Networking Events, Industry-Specific Clusters and Technology Transfer platforms will facilitate Knowledge Sharing, Partnership Building and Access to Global Markets. The Park will also serve as a Platform to connect Local Companies with International Investors and Customers.

Lifestyle Facilities:

Recognizing the importance of a Well-Rounded Lifestyle. The Techno Park will offer a range of Lifestyle Facilities and Amenities. This includes Recreational Areas, Sports Facilities, Green Spaces and a Vibrant Social Environment. On-site Dining Options, Fitness Centers and Relaxation Zones will create a Work-Life balance that supports the Well-Being and Productivity of Professionals within the Park.

Government Collaboration:

The Establishment of The Sitara Techno Park aligns with the Electronics & Information Technology Goals of the Government. The Park will actively collaborate with Relevant Government Departments and Agencies to ensure Policy Support, Regulatory Compliance and Infrastructure Development. This Collaboration will create an enabling Environment for IT and Electronics Companies, Attracting Domestic and Foreign Investment to drive Economic Growth and Job Creation.


The Sitara Techno Park is poised to Transform Faisalabad into a Leading Hub for Information Technology and Electronics Innovation. By providing a World-Class Ecosystem that encompasses Quality Infrastructure, Knowledge/Skill Development, Growth Opportunities and Lifestyle Facilities. The Park will empower IT and Electronics Companies and Professionals. Through Collaboration with the Government and Key Stakeholders, the Techno Park will contribute to the Realization of National Technology Goals, Fostering Economic Growth and Positioning Faisalabad as a prominent Player in the Technology Landscape.